I'm beginning with a drawing

This is an octopus and I drew it on a post-it note.  Its name is Nueve, because it actually has nine tentacles.


Laura said...

Dear Sam, I am just about ready to call Ethan to come upstairs and look at your amazing site. It might go something like this: "Ethan, I want to show you something. Look at this! Isn't this great??!!" Then, while we are still looking at the screen, I might calmly ask him about his plans for summer employment and his current pile 'o laundry. The eyeglass video and the drawing of the young woman are both particularly dazzling, and when I can find my reading glasses, I will check out your amazing comics! Cheers, Laura

Dash said...

Duderino! You are always with the blowing of my mind. A full nine tentacles! Are you for reelzies a pedicap pedaler? I will hire you to take me on a hot date!