The Places That I Sketch In Class


All of these were done in class at some point or another. I just realized how many landscapes I tend to draw when I'm stuck inside, so here are the first four I found in my binder.

As you can see there's bunches o'nature here. The guy at the top there looks like the beginning of a longer comic- below that is a fairly unremarkable mountain.

Then there's this thing that I've been really obsessed with lately, which is to render landscapes with video game-y blocks and cubes (in response to the manicured, artificial natural surroundings of my dear college's campus perhaps?) Please note that in keeping with the video game design, I even included little ladders on the sides of the cliffs for platform adventuring.

The last one is the top half of some boringly idyllic fantasies about babbling brooks and dappled summer light. Come and get me, Willy Carlos Williams.

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