joey said...

I know this is unrelated to this post (i like this post btw) but i miss you and your big film projects. I think you should have a film project this summer. I would like to be director of photography, or one of those positions where i just talk to you about the aesthetics of the shot. Are you a woody allen lover or hater. I cant remember, but im a lover. I think you should see stardust memories, ill think you'll like it, its the epitome of cute, nastalgic, funny, and pretty.

Sam said...

I miss you as well JOOEY and cannot wait to once more see your smiling face. I may be pretty tied up this summer but will probably attempt some ambitious and impossible film project and ON THAT DAY I shall certainly make use of your actual skill with an actual camera.
BeeTeeDubs: Tell Julia to go directly to Oberlin. Do not pass Whitman, do not collect 200 dollars. Seriously.