One Whole Year!!!


""-creator Sam Alden reflects on what many consider to be his best and only blog:

"I remember back when I began Gingerland, I had no idea what I was getting into. I was just a freshfaced young kid from the Northwest, out to make a quick buck on the Internet. I couldn't have known that the connections I made in the blogosphere would eventually suck me into an ever-deepening mire of hard drugs and bitter tears fresh-squeezed from my bloodshot, staring eyes. Back then I thought all you needed to run a blog was pluck, luck, and a nifty profile picture. Before long I realized that it takes a lot more than that to make in Internetland- it takes grit and desperation and the willingness to perform sexual favors for strangers for just one more thimbleful of weasel dust. After about the fifth late night spent cropping illustrations on Photobucket while breaking every half-hour to ghostbust another baggie of frisky powder I realized there was no going back. For better or worse, I'm stuck with Gingerland until I can save up for detox."


joey said...

it was so nice to see you today, i feel like i see you more than i do because i read your blog. What are you doing sunday, or saturday evening?

sophie said...

Congratulations, Sam. I'm proud of you. I will buy you some clean needles to celebrate.

Sam said...

J: Hangin' with you
S: Much appreciated