My How The Time Has Flown


This took me pretty much all day and I am very proud of it. Congratulations to anyone who recognized my old roommate comprising most of her right arm. Also, I think that maybe I'll do a nicely colored version of this later, because right now it looks a little sloppy.


Bamba Hadhur said...

I love the guy on her left shoulder. and I am also the right foot.

beatific said...

this is outstanding, sam-- visually and philosophically. i love it-- it might be one of my favorites of yours.

i can't wait to see it in more color, if you end up doing that later :)

beatific said...

PS, this is anastasia

Sam said...

Thanks y'all. I think you will need to gain a fair amount of poundage before you even begin to resemble the guy on her right foot, Mr. Skinnystickman.

GregOne said...

Very good work this!!!



GregOne (São Paulo, Brazil)