Summer Kids

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This little scene is all based on true or almost true events, taking place on May 20th, 2009. All of these people are real, although some likenesses are better than others. Clockwise from top left: Ben Kegan, Carly Spiering, Peter Richards, kind-of-Alex Cassidy-looking guy, Larsen Close, myself, and Ari Rampy.

A higher-resolution version is available aqui, in case you want to make it your desktop or something.


sophie said...

so funny story -- i actually DID just make this my desktop. does that make me creepy or awesome? or a combo? not like the snack. did you ever notice that the snack of combos is not really much of a combo? it's just kind of a filled-up cracker. it's not like, "lime and taco sauce: THE COMBO! or bass and electric guitar and jazz flute: A COMBO!" it's just like, "cheese filled cracker."

Sam said...

Did you know that of all my blog posts this is the one that I worked the longest on and it has only received ONE COMMENT?