I Know I Been Gone A While, Baby. Lemme Make It Up To You.

First: This action-packed panel, from the upcoming first installment of my middle school epic Eighth Grade. More on this later.


Next: birds.





And finally: A tender moment between brothers, lovingly captured in the pages of my sketchbook.



Nadim D said...

The "More on this later" is very David Heatley of you. Looks good Sam!

sophie said...

First: SERIOUSLY? That's ALL we get of this comic book? Do you know that I have DREAMS about this comic book? You effing tease.

Next: I desperately, desperately want these. In a really unhealthy way. Wrentit is one word, though, and I think your desire to separate them stems from your desire to think about tits. Exclusively.

And finally: Your brother is mostly cooler than you because he has a high-tech and modern hand-held gaming contraption and you are stuck with the more antiquated version of pen-and-paper. On the other hand you DO have an extraterrestrial buggy.

Claire said...

Toby looks like he's wearing a diaper. I think this is a malicious editorial choice on your part.

Sam said...

N: Thanks bunches! I completely know who David Heatley is.

S: That's actually a big problem for me, as evidenced by my frequent misspellings of such words as "memories" and "schism" as, respectively, "mammaries" and "scleavagesm"

C: Yes, I drew this as Toby and I were in the middle of an argument. Thus: his disgusting little face, poop-colored diaper crotch, and bad posture. He's actually very good-looking and his crotch is rarely poop-colored.

Keenan Jay said...


alexis said...

dear sam:

please send me pictures of birds, or at least the emu in the terrarium. i am a sister. i am somewhat entitled.

dear sophie:

i did read this and think it was funny. i do believe that it's real.

dear both of you:

let's play so many video games come december 20th that the only thing we could possibly want more is soy nog and christmas ornaments.