D i s i n t e g r a t i o n

Here's a detail from a nearly finished page of Eighth Grade.

About this comic:

1. The final piece will be pretty long. If I really bust my ass it'll be done by my twenty-third birthday.

2. The protagonist is, as you can see, slowly disintegrating.

3. There's lots of awkward middle school sexual tension.

4. The paper I'm using is more enormous than any I've drawn on ever.


joey said...

are you still in portland?

sophie said...

man. this is so... good... but still such a tease. so that's what it looks like when you disintegrate. you know what is good about this comic (besides EVERYTHING about this comic?) is that in eighth grade mainly everyone i knew was pretty obsessed with the word "disintegration." so much so that it became kind of an uncool word. sort of like "rambunctious." people used it too much, you know? but THEN after high school it was ok again. no one was saying it anymore and so it was fine. now in college it's downright COOL to say. kinda like the spice girls, but.. different.

Sam said...

J: Yeah! Let's do stuff and influence people.
S: I can't think of how the word "disintegration" would come up much in middle school conversation. As in, "That relationship disintegrated quickly" or as in "Help, I am physically disintegrating as a metaphor for inner turmoil"?