Photo Reference


Because I am- REVELATION- not very good at anatomy- I used a lot of photo reference drawing Eighth Grade. Usually this meant setting the timer on Photo Booth and then quickly running out into the middle of the studio and assuming some ridiculous pose. It got tricky when I was trying to draw, say, a thirteen-year-old girl, because I am-REVELATION 2- a twenty-year-old guy. These are some of the more direct translations.



sophie said...

I do this too. One time I was giving a present to a ninja-lover (someone who loves ninjas) and I had to assume a lot of ninja poses for Photobooth in order to paint this ninja box I was painting. Then one time this person I had a crush on came over and my screen saver is a big composite of all the pictures I have stored on my computer, and one of the ninja ones came on.

"Hey, that's funny, why are you posed as a ninja?"
"What? That was nothing. That was just a one-time kind of --"
"Hey there's another one."
"Yeah it's nothing I was just posing as a ninja."
"That's kind of really weird, Sophie."

Anyway, the outcome of your drawings is far better than my ninjas ever could have been... but this whole teasing-us-with-Eighth-Grade stuff is starting to border on cruel and unusual.

On the other hand, when Eighth Grade gains Scott Pilgrim acclaim someone will find this blog post and suggest you put it in the back of the book and it will probably be a hit sensation. I said it first.

Sam said...

I PROMISE that the revisions are coming along. Soon, soon.