28. Joyce Chen



Naschkatze said...

Thank you so much, haha, this is... abstractly adorable.
Just a question, what exactly is this =)?
(I assume it's a dinosaur but...)

And yeah, I do have a last name.
Chen =)

Sam said...

This is the upper torso of a Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil, based on a partially complete skeleton from a showcase exhibit in the Natural History Museum in Washington, D.C.

Thanks Joyce. I updated the post.

Naschkatze said...
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Naschkatze said...

Wow, thank you for the information!
This is really really cool, and cute.

Tyrannosaurus Rex used to be my favorite kind of dinosaur. I always found their extremely short forelimbs amusing and adorable, in spite of the specie's brutal nature (*∩*#

Thank you for bringing some childhood memory back to me (●´ω`●)