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So I made a book for Book Arts, and it was poorly bound and looked like a third-grade art project except worse, and at one point it was bound on both ends, creating the ultimate post-modern literature: the book that cannot be read- and so I decided to embrace its cruddiness and title it


On the back I wrote my personal motto for the endeavor, "I'm okay with this". The idea was that unlike pretty moleskein sketchbooks, this is a book in which I can draw anything I want, as badly as I want, and not feel like every page needs to be a thing of beauty. As you might expect, I end up with a lot of stuff like this:


But I also made some stuff that I'm surprisingly proud of, which looks way looser than most of my other art because I wasn't trying so hard.


Anyway, I highly recommend keeping a Mediocre Art book. If I draw anything else blogworthy I'll be sure to share it with y'all.

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