From The Department of Abandoned Projects


This was the front page of a graphic novel that I worked on for the duration of Senior year of high school. It was about a depressed college professor.

Things about this graphic novel which were okay:

1. The art, which I completely killed myself over

2. A few tiny scraps of dialogue

Things that sucked about this graphic novel:

1. The plot, which was whiny and unoriginal and packed with obvious, boring symbolism

2. The vast , overwhelming majority of the dialogue

I had grand hopes for this thing, and then I showed it to Brett Warnock before I was even working for him (if you don't know Brett, please look at the guy on the left and imagine the voice he might have as he speaks these words) and he flipped through it and said, "Well, you've certainly studied your textbooks, man," and I could not help but feel that was a bad thing. I realized how bad it was after the first chapter and jettisoned the whole project.


sophie said...

What a sad story and a beautiful, beautiful cover. I think my favorite thing about looking at this is seeing how your drawing of trees has evolved over time.

Let me just say that there is no doubt in my mind that this comic was amazing and breathtaking, just as everything you do is amazing and breathtaking. If only you didn't ignite such JEALOUSY in guys who work at Top Shelf!

Loretta said...

Dear Sam:
Although the guy or gal who does all your graphics for your blog is the most amazing talent in the world, your stuff is good too. Happy belated 21st birthday!
Loretta (Sophie's Mom) (one of them)

sophie said...

My mom is pretty and cool.

Sam said...

L: Thanks! I drew you some pictures elsewhere on this blog.
S: I'm glad to see that it runs in the family.