I Kilt A Bar Wunst



sophie said...

I would argue that your immense talent and unmatched genius garner you legions of fans, and not your promises for personalized drawings. This comic is evidence. It is SO FUNNY that SOUP just came out of my nose. And I wasn't even EATING soup!!!! HEY-O!!!

(Seriously: This is really, really funny. I want this on a shirt.)

(I think you really captured the essence of a drug-dealing bears.)

CRF said...

It's funny because the drug-dealing bear is wearing Kanye West glasses.

Sam said...

S: Thank you, I attended workshops with real drug-dealing bears for a month in preparation for this comic.

C: Yeah, I didn't realize this when I was drawing it but it kind of ties into that weird little bear cartoon that's on all his album covers.