Anonymous said...
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sophie said...

OH MY GOD... Giraffes are my second favorite animal. I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT GIRAFFE IS TALKING TO QUINN! Giraffes are always talking to other girls. I'm always like, "Hey Louise," (that's my frienemy who is a giraffe), and she's all like, "Do I hear something? Or is that just the OBNOXIOUS BREEZE AGAIN?" And then I cry really loud and Louise sticks her head in the air (not hard for her), and walks away and I stress eat a whole entire cake. And by "a whole entire cake" I mean "eight cakes and a jar of olives." But then whenever I have tickets to see Miley Cyrus at the Megarena, Louise is always like, "Ohhh, Sophie, you're my BEST FRIEND, let's ALWAYS be friends, OMG your shirt is so cute is that Selena Gomez on there because YOU GUYS LOOK THE SAME only you are PRETTIER!" And then I HAVE to invite her because you don't just SAY that about Selena Gomez unless you mean it. Right? So what's the deal with Louise?

(Translation: This is amazing. I am almost jealous of it.)