Dat'r + Teas'r


This is the the insanely entertaining band Dat'r, fresh from my hometown of Portland, Oregon. I actually did not draw this on a tablecloth- that is authentic 3-D paper which I got for Christmas (!) If you don't have a pair of 3-D glasses lying around, you can get some for the price of a postage stamp here.


Also, I've been working on a lot of big things. Here is a tiny hint at one of them:


More soon, I promise.


sophie said...

OH. My. GOD. WHAT IS THIS COLOR CLIP!!?!?!?!? It's the best thing I have ever, ever evereverever SEEN.

Sam said...

Thank you Sophie. But you obviously haven't seen 2009's Law-Abiding Citizen with Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx (dir. F. Gary Gray)

joey said...

have you seen miyazaki's old tv show, I think it was called konan. it wasnt all the pretty but it was cute, cool, and it included very romanticized post-apocalypse rocket ship stuff. The last thing, with the spear reminds me of it.

Sam said...

I would love to. I just saw Castle of Cagliostro and I decided that it is the most entertaining movie ever made.

Sam said...

Also, that's really flattering. Thanks, Joey.