I Always Have My Mind For Company + Family Collaboration


This is ink and watercolor on the world's heaviest, toothiest watercolor paper.



Over the break, my brother came up with about thirty ideas for comics I should draw. I have 29 more to go.


Sam said...

love it. also, sorry for the high ambient noise level in the MDL tonight

sophie said...

welcome back. You were missed on the internet. It felt lonely and really aesthetically disappointing without you.

You and your brother really found each other, didn't you? I mean, I guess you didn't. You were just kind of born into it. But if you weren't related, I would make that statement. I think you have perfectly artistically realized his every poetic ambition with this piece.

I love the watercolor. Context?

Sam said...

S: Thanks Sam. Also, don't worry about it, it was clearly 100% not your doing.

S: Yes, I remember that I started planning collaboration the very day that I met Toby. In regards to the first drawing: no context.

secret comix said...

The top watercolor painting is most excellent. I like how you kept the blues and yellow pretty saturated, unlike most popular indistyle illustrators these days... all the mild tones can get on my nerves.

<3 kira