Other Worlds


This is art that I did for my friend's production of a serial fantasy epic called Christina and the Clockwork Boy.  It was a nice return to my childhood obsession with imaginary maps.

And in vaguely-related news, my incredibly talented mother has been crafting the most mindboggling handmade felt mice and corresponding environments since I was in Kindergarten, and at last they are getting famous.  She's currently using them to illustrate a children's book with, as I understand it, some big-shot New York children's book author.  Here are some of her mice:




Happily, there are lots more mice on her blog, Mouseshouses. Seriously, check it now, because she's going to be huge.


sophie said...

Too much good to comment on. Must go orgasm.

roxy valdez said...

LOVE your mom's mice!

also, I loved imaginary maps when I was little too, although I was probably less capable of putting what was in my head onto paper than most other people may have been

Esme Raji Codell said...

Oh! Which author! I am seriously jealous.