Scott Elliott Tribute Edition

Dear Professor Scott Elliott: Thank you for always pretending to not notice or care that I am clearly only sitting at the back of my Advanced Fiction Writing class so that it will be less obvious that I doodle through every single discussion that we have.





All drawings were done 100% in Advanced Fiction.  Bless you, Scott Elliott.  I swear I love your class.


Nadim D said...

You better hope that he doesn't a google alert set-up. Also, these are stunning.

Ellie said...

I bet I can guess what inspired the house!
Also, I love the "drawn magic tricks". Why yes, that is my card!

Liz said...

I thought the first one might have been actually published that way...


Sam said...

Upcoming posts include a Professor Melissa Wilcox tribute edition and a Professor Nohemy Solorzano-Thompson "No Apologies" Edition.

Also, Ellie; wait, from where?