That Was The


I mean, I always knew I wanted to draw comics, but after this weekend, I really, really know. David Mazzuchelli was there and he signed my decolletage.

Okay, false. But it was really incredible.


Nadim D said...

Yeah! Seriously. I was gliding through life yesterday because of how much fun I had. You - and this drawing - are the best, Sam!

mouseland said...

You look so starry-eyed!

CRF said...


roxy valdez said...

I am so glad you already know your dharma :)

sophie said...


Sam said...

N: No YOU'RE the best. Did you notice that the guy on the far left is bearded and has glasses?

M: Oh, man. I was.

C: Oh, man. It was.

R: Yes, for 19 years and counting

S: Thanks!

As a cool note: my friend Craig Thompson, who you may recognize from being the leading sexy rock star of autobiographical comics, is on the right spinning comics out of the air. I sent this to him and he forwarded it to the festival organizers, so maybe next year they'll give me my own panel or something. I guess probably not.

sophie said...

WOW Sam that's amazing!!!! Congratulations!