I Was Sad

 so to cheer myself up I drew the most ridiculous comic that I possibly could, about cheering myself up.  It worked.  For your viewing pleasure, I now present that comic.



DDulek said...

I actually just got a call from the vocab council. You seem to have won the award for most juxtaposition of big words and hipster slang. Oh, and Morgan Freeman called. He wants to be cast as the voice of the scepter.

sophie said...

No more being sad.

markel said...



What a good way to cheer yourself up.

Sam said...

D: I was actually thinking Peter Richards would be more appropriate.

S: Nope. I'm okay now.

M: Self-directed art therapy

Ezra said...

The "you're a great conversationalist" snake kills me.

Sam said...

Thanks, Ezra. I had the most fun drawing the braces on the clouds.