Two Things I'm Working On

This will complete the trilogy and provide, hopefully, some sort of satisfying resolution to what I am calling my megacomic (a comic strip comprised of three huge and extremely detailed full-color panels). Right now I am just beginning the coloring process, which is the most time-consuming part. The first Ahab took me a month to color- the second took about two weeks.

Eighth Grade, Chapter 2

Big party scenes are fun to write but sort of a pain to draw. I'm hoping to finish Chapter 2, and being drafting Chapter 3, by the time I start the graphic novel residency this fall. Updates to follow.


CRF said...

Gonna get me some Ahab. Can't wait to see its finished form!

ami said...

okay now that i'm actually reading moby dick i'm wondering about how it is related to this megacomic (or the other way around), also i haven't finished it so i'm not going to say anything yet, all i'm trying to say is i'm excited to see the third panel.

also jealous that you went to parties in eighth grade, plus this party looks very cool.

ami said...

also thank you for your comment on my blog, it made me v. happy but also mortified that you actually read my blog

Sam said...

C: Me neither! It's sure taking forever.

A: Actually, I did go to parties in eighth grade, but they were all in people's basements and they were terrible. This scene depicts someone's mom's party. And you're welcome!