The Crystal World

Drawn for my friend David Kanaga's song The Crystal World. The song is really fantastic, so be sure to download it at the above link.


Katherine Alice said...

I like the little boat there.
What got you started on cartoons? How'd it happen?

Sam said...

Hi Katherine. Thanks for your great, if difficult question. Because my parents are awesome we always had a lot of comics hanging around the house, and they indulged my early obsession pretty generously: mostly my brother and I read a lot of Krazy Kat, Tintin, and Calvin & Hobbes. I've been drawing comics, or something very like comics, about as long as I've been reading them. It's also a great art form for reclusive control freaks, so that played a part as well.

Katherine Alice said...

Hi Sam,
Sounds like you have some very cool parents. My parents were more book worms than picture addicts (they passed it down).
By reclusive control freaks, you are referring to yourself?
Thanks for answering my question, I am sorry if they were difficult, I seem to make a habit of asking people random hard questions.