The Making Of

My video for David Kanaga's First Night (below) was made with twelve 7x17" panels of Borden & Riley Paris Bleedproof paper. I went through five brushpens inking the first half, and the last half was completed with a Windsor Newton Sable 2 brush. The entire drawing is fourteen feet long and took a week to complete. The image was then scanned, colored digitally, and panned through in Finalcut Pro.  The entire drawing is available for free download (it's too big for most traditional image servers) here.

In related news, I am looking forward to seeing all my friends again.


David Kanaga said...

!!! so amazing !!!

also--Hi, Finn :)

Tori said...

holy fucking shit. seriously man. when you wake up in the mornings do you just think "i'm pretty much the biggest art badass ever. now to feed the pet unicorn.." (yeah, i think you should get a pet unicorn) glad i took my own blog's advice on other blogs to read and saw this. well, when you have some spare times, i've got some new comics needing approval/opinion on...i think i may have gone too far in one. not in a nsfw way, but like honest-bitchy..well,you'll see.

sophie said...

Very cool. I haven't even held my BREATH for fourteen feet, let alone drawn anything remotely coming close to that length... you're genius.

sophie said...

Also, LOOK! Famous DAVID KANAGA reads your blog!!!!

Marya said...

in coils, toils
it boils and roils
in in arcs, in throes
the snake belows

the clasping of the loves aboves
and through the ground it probing shoves

dipping ever through
and through
the world that is
the me and you

Ezra Butt said...

I was wondering how huge the original drawing was. I really wish I could see that shit in person, stuff with that kind of scale allus' gets me excited.

Sam said...

Thanks for your comments everyone! Also, with Marya's addition, the chain of creative endeavors now goes:
Stravinsky's 2-hour opera -> David's 2-minute song -> Sam's 14-foot drawing -> Marya's 10-line poem