If you like the drawings on this blog but have always wished they were in the context of a really, really weird joke: wait no more.   For the last two months my younger brother Toby Alden and I have been sitting on a new webcomic, written by him and drawn by me.

It's with great pleasure and trepidation that I present to you
The comic will be updated weekly here, and for at least the first month or so I'll post reminders at Gingerland.  If you visit this blog regularly, you'll see the updates at the bar up top.   We have ten strips up now just to whet your appetite.  Every single drawing and comic in DUBBLEBABY was described by Toby in meticulous, Alan Moore-esque detail, including the one above.

And for those of you who've asked: yes, I still update my other other blog, I'm On The Phone, which celebrates its first birthday this month. 

So again:  DUBBLEBABY.

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