Okay everyone.  Over two years into the process for Eighth Grade, I will finally be making installments available for purchase. The first two chapters are now handsomely bound into 40-page folios*, on Cougar off-white paper, stapled and trimmed to 7x8.5".  Honestly, they're gonna look real good, and they can be are yours for a mere $5 each.  The only catch is that for now, you're going to have to come find me at Stumptown Comics Fest this weekend in my hometown of Portland, Oregon.  I will be exhibiting (it sounds dirty but isn't) along with a lot of my Florida pals  Katie Shanahan, Dave Kiersh, Jed McGowen, Chris Hunt, Lilly Moore, Thi Bui, and like fifteen bajillion others.  More juicy details to come.

*Also known as comic books


Tori said...

okay, how do I not sound demanding when i say "You're getting me a copy of #two and I am not going all the way to Portland for it because you are always right around where I am around. Money,comics,constant blathering about your awesomeness will all be offered as forms of payment." (apparently the answer is I go ahead and be demanding..please?)

Thi said...

I want a copy of both chapters, Sam!

Southwest said...

If I find you around campus sometime, can I get them from you, or was this a One-Time-Only Deal?

MT said...

I was sure I bought this is Seattle, but maybe I got it in Portland, I don't remember. Anyway, I liked it! It was a very sincere, well drawn, and well told.

There's a bunch of moments that I liked, two being where Simon is making fun of that girl in the cafeteria, and she takes a jab at his unibrow. Then Simon gets all hurt. Ha ha.
Another is when Simon is breaking apart. Another is the small fight with Jasper.

Good stuff!