So I was thinking recently about how unfair it is that mainstream comics are the ones that get all the commercial tie-ins.  It struck me that you could try to imitate that model in more literary, alternative comics, and so I made these cards for my graphic novel, Eighth Grade.  Each card has one of the  three protagonists from the book and some sort of reference to the larger symbolic motifs.  These images were cut out by hand from a plastic sheet and screenprinted; it's my first time ever doing that, so apologies for any sloppiness.  I'll be selling them at some point in the future, so look sharp, consumers!


Nadim said...

Wonderful, per usual. Also, maybe you should consider selling product placement in the comics. Gratuitous panels of Simon eating Cap'n Crunch or Emma popping some Zoloft. You could pave the way dude.

Sam said...

SPOILER ALERT: At the very end it's revealed that the entire comic has been one epic-length Hostess Cupcake ad.