So here is the plan for Sam's Unemployed Money-Making Enterprise Robust Justin Ovary Baseball, or SUMMERJOB.

For the rest of the summer, I will be posting one drawing every day, which you can buy by clicking the green OBTAIN button.  Every drawing will be $20, and will only be available for purchase for the 24 hours following my post of it.  After that, my blogger robots will remove the OBTAIN button, post a new drawing, and make that available for purchase.  The unbought drawings will remain in my possession.

If you click OBTAIN, I will mail the original artwork to you, probably with some other goodies.  Obviously, only one person can buy one thing every day, so anything you see for sale may not be there when you check back later.

Many of these drawings will be new and created specifically for SUMMERJOB, and some will be old ones that you've seen on this blog.  I hope that everyone who wants to gets at least one piece of art. I'm certainly going to enjoy the increased artistic output that this will demand from me!

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