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So as you may or may not have noticed, Blogspot is sort of not that popular anymore. I unabashedly love this platform, as clunky and dumb as it can be– but I just worry that people aren't reading it anymore. To that end, I have begun transforming my Tumblr page–which began as a way to give the sloppy B-sides from this blog a chance to shine on the Internet– into something more presentable.  For the last few months I've been posting the same artwork to both blogs; if you read this Blogspot a lot, my Tumblr will look sort of like a weird alternate universe to you.
But anyway, this is just an announcement to say not that this blog is getting abandoned– we've got way too much history for that– but that if you would like to follow Gingerland on Tumblr, you now have the option. I can't get that glorious 1000px goodness on that site (Tumblr, being stupid, seems to max out at 700px) but it'll do.  Help me stop feeling seven years behind the times, and help me start feeling only about three years behind the times.

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