New Comic!

I just put the first 20 pages of my new adventure comic Haunter online. You can read it here.


dweeb said...

This is terrific (needs more cowbell, maybe)! I love the colors and the action and scrolled faster and faster to keep up. And was very sad when I reached the end. Please tell the rest of the story, soon. Thanks!

David Kanaga said...

yea, really amazing. the panel where the pig loses its spines is beautiful, some kind of strange mystery meaning there. and when the house shows up.. wow! very much looking forward to the rest :)

Sam said...

OH NO the spines do disappear! That is just a mistake, not anything cool that I was doing intentionally. Okay I need to fix this before the rest of the internet calls me out for it.

Also, thank so much, both of you. My Blogspot Gingerland can be sort of a lonely place in 2012, and I always appreciate seeing some activity on here.