New Eighth Grade Is Up!

The ending to Chapter 2 is probably one of my favorite parts of the whole comic so far, you ought to take a look.


dweeb said...

I'm starting to despair of a happy ending, though matters did look up in the bouncy castle for a moment. I forget sometimes that life imitates art but that art is always a reflection of life.

Eighth Grade continues to hold up an unblinking mirror to many of the memories most of us have from an important but painful time in our lives.

Thanks again for the smiles, and the sharp catches of breath and the invitation to recall and remember all of it as it often was (or how we'd like it to have been).

I don't know how you rate your own work but I am very much enjoying this novel and look forward to the next installment.

Sam said...

Don't despair fella! You might be surprised.