How To Buy Eighth Grade

Jed McGowan, Dave Kiersh and myself last week at the San Francisco Zinefest. These guys both have brilliant comics of their own, check 'em out
Thanks to all of you for asking if there is any way to get their hands on print editions of Eighth Grade
I'm not doing mail orders right now, but if you're going to any of the following conventions there's still a way.

This weekend I'm staying in Portland, but print editions of the first three chapters of Eighth Grade will be available at SPX this weekend from Sparkplug Comics (Table W59).

Then October 13th I'll be in San Francisco for APE, where I'll sell Eighth Grade and debut a couple of new minicomics.

In November I'll be at Short Run in Seattle doin' the convention thing.

And if you live in Portland, you can also pick up copies from a handful of comic book shops in town: Pony Club, Floating World, Reading Frenzy, Cosmic Monkey, and Bridge City Comics (most of which also happen to have hard copies of Garden Spectre and DUBBLEBABY).


ami said...

question: does eighth grade mean the WHOLE COMPLETE eighth grade as in more stuff than is online?

Leah said...

^My question exactly.

I want to be able to read it all at once so I've been waiting patiently. But when it's done I'm interested in a print copy.

dweeb said...

You're making moving to the West Coast sound like a viable and attractive option for the first time in my life. *Please* figure out a mail order option for those of us geographic prisoners beyond both the Mississippi River and the Appalachian Mountains, most especially if this is the ENTIRE Eighth Grade.....thanks! And much commercial success in your upcoming travels and travails.....

Sam said...

This is NOT the entire Eighth Grade. This is the first three chapters, ie, everything that is online at this point. Sorry for the confusion everyone.