Farmer's Dilemma original pages for sale

In order to pay for the next print run of Farmer's Dilemma, I'm doing something that I tend not to do and selling the fifteen original pages. 

Each page is pen &ink and marker on 8.5x10.75" smooth calligraphy paper.
I'll sign and date the back of each page and mail it to you the same day that you buy it.
And if enough people buy pages, I'll be making another batch of the printed books available for mail-order.

1 comment:

dweeb said...

Maybe next time or later....I hate the idea of you selling original art under financial duress.

I realize it happens, so how about using a fundraiser machine like kickstarter and/or indiegogo?

You can offer incentives for contributors that have a little less personal investment so you have more of your soul and we all can enjoy more of your remarkable creativity at the end of the day?