Old Art Update

In August 2008, I finished six months of work on a comic book entitled


It's a kid's adventure comic, about these cool little Dia de los Muertos calacas children who live in this perpetually sun-drenched summer world on the coast. There's a protagonist, Petey, who's got a mad crush on his neighbor Ida, who in turn is enamored of this luggish bully kid.

So because the one kid's a sailor and the other is an inventor, they have a crazy cool race between a giant 16th century galleon and a homemade airship to impress the girl. Then it all goes HILARIOUSLY WRONG.


It's hand-bound into this sexy brown paper cover. The printing was done at home with a printer designed as a toy for Japanese schoolchildren.


Plus, in the tradition of the nerdy kids books I was into, I included diagrams of Petey's inventions AND an exactingly labeled map of Gingerland.


P.S. To anyone who noticed that I have webbed toes: congratulations.


Dash said...

Hey Webby! Save me one!-Dash

Sam said...

It's yours. How the hell do I get in contact with you?