DayGlo Killed The Dinosaurs


This is a page of my sketchbook. I drew it on an airplane about a year ago. It's shown here larger than actual size.

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sophie said...

one time it was today and i was in charge of this station for teach for america where i ultimately had to initial new corps members' passports. in order to make my booth the most interesting of all booths, i decided to draw a tiny picture on each passport instead of just making a boring old check-mark. and i'd ask the corps members what drawing they'd like me to do. most people said things like, "heart," or "sunshine," which i thought was boring, but easy. then this one kid said, "velociraptor." and i could not do it. if i had been you, i would have been able to do it. at least i gave it the old college try. he said, "that looks like a turd." that was the end of my day.