It's called What I Was Doing A Year Ago.

It will be up for one month, and will feature a new diary comic every day. The strips, it should be noted, were all drawn exactly one year before their publication date.


Keenan Jay said...

really cool idea sam!

joey said...

i think its a really fucking pretentious idea.

oh, and also, fuck you:
1. its not a fucking seagul, its a fucking albatross
2. you arent gay, and why is questioning ones sexuality funny
3. do you have a mailing address. i wrote you a letter and forgot to give it to you when i gave you all that food that one time and you were so ungrateful.

Sam said...

Here you go, Mr. Angry!

Sam Alden-Whitman College
280 Boyer Avenue
Walla Walla, WA

It's just a mailbox, so if you want to stalk me you'll have to ask around for my real one.

Sam said...

P.S. Thanks Keenan for being the NICE one on the comments page.