Sleoping Peeple

A girl, Portland


Rose and Alex, New York


Myself, from a photo



sophie said...

Oh wow Sam. Sleeping people are so vulnerable, so it's a good thing you didn't invade any of these peoples' faces.

1. The Portland girl is my favorite. She looks sexy like Scarlett Johansson in that opening scene of "Lost In Translation." This picture makes me want to wear jeans.

2. Beautiful. Potentially invasive. All the things I love about art all rolled into one!

3. I like looking at pictures of Sam drawn by Sam.

All in all, this is a GOOD SET. I give this set an A+.

Claire Rudy Foster said...

Please draw people working so that I can put them in my literary magazine.

Sam said...

Actually, I showed that picture to Rose (green panties) and she said that she was glad some there was some documentation of how she spent her summer. I admit to not clearing it with Alex.