All About My Brother

So my seventeen-year-old brother Toby has the best blog on the Internet.


I'm not kidding around. He has the best blog on the Internet. Don't take it from me: read this direct quote from Sophie Johnson, a responsible adult whose journalism has been published in major American newspapers and who teaches children for a living. This comes from an e-mail to me in which she stated:

"i don't mean to be offensive to you and your internet endeavors, but your brother's blog is THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN."
-Sophie "Work Published in Major American Newspapers" Johnson

Just go and see for yourself, while I list the three most badass things about my brother.
1. He is the funniest person I know.
2. He has the best blog on the Internet
3. I was having a conversation with him tonight about his blog, and he expressed concern that if I mention his blog on mine he will start getting more views, and "the whole joke of my blog is that nobody looks at it". Am I the only one who considers that statement a compelling argument for immediately viewing his blog?


alexis said...

this is funny that you say this right now because as of like when you made this post or yesterday or something i just started following his blog because my sister sophie sent it to me. it's pretty funny. he's pretty funny. sophie and i are pretty funny too, but our blogs aren't funny because they're like about our serious lives and stuff. i think your blog has a lot of art on it that's really really good and that's impressive.

alexis said...

my sister sophie is the aforementioned famous sophie johnson in your post.

alexis said...

carrie reinhart also thinks that toby's blog is really funny. she started laughing the instant she saw it.