I Love My Brush


On the advice of my professional cartoonist friend I purchased a reasonably nice sable brush, size 4. I spent all day using it to go over Eighth Grade and make everything pretty. If you use your imagination, you can see how much worse these panels were without all that nice black inky goodness.

The first installment is nearly, nearly done. I promise it'll be published before every page has already been put up on this blog.


sophie said...

1. your blog has a new header. i struggle with change. but i am still happy about this. thank you for taking my hand and giving me change in small, small increments.

2. HOLY SHIT. AMAZING!!! the second panel, i'm sure you know, is sheer genius. the tree in front of that guy's face?!?!?

3. the dialogue in this is incredible.

4. i want to be the person who comes up with google comment word verification words. because mine this time is "zoyonall."

Sam said...

Thanks, yeah, I was proud of Simon's line in the second panel. I rewrote it fifteen times or so trying to get it PERFECT.