This was a promotional poster. In high school I was in charge of Coffeehouse and ended up drawing/putting up all the posters myself. Also begging my friends to come.


joey said...

this is beautiful, but your heading bar that says "gingerland" is not. It keeps growing, and becoming more pixelated (these two are linked). I hate it, I want it to be smaller, more contained, less pixelated.


Sam said...

Thanks Joey. I have not been making the heading bar any bigger- the pixellation has always been there and it has always, always bugged me. I'll try and fix it this weekend.


sophie said...

I love your fontastic ways.

sophie said...

i absolutely would have come.

Alix said...
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Susannah said...

I have an original photo copy! It lives in my dorm room!

Sam said...

s: Thanks. You would have loved it. At this very show I made a talented concert pianist named either Yale or Michael play Tchaikovsky on my 1992 Casio keyboard. It had about 42 keys on it and he left very, very frustrated.
Also, my brother almost threw up on me onstage after gorging himself on sweet-and-sour chicken slathered in Cheezwiz.

a: I seem to remember that the original was in, like, three different pieces at different sizes and angles. You're free to hang onto it- I have about ten photocopies left.

s: Wow, that is very flattering! Also, I like the term "original photocopy".