Bonus Bird + Doppelganger


A while ago I drew a bunch of birds, and forgot to post this one.


A friend sent me a picture.



sophie said...

No question, you are way better looking than your doppleganger.

Also, what an amazing humming bird. The drawing is bigger than the actual bird, in an exciting twist.

joey said...

that guy is like totally famous on lookbook, maybe thats just what you need sam, a lookbook.

alexis said...

what is a doppleganger?

i <3 ur orange juice that pixx makes me feel so warm.

CRF said...


markl said...

Hey there,

your birds are beautiful, i especially like this hummingbird, it's quite graceful.

Sam said...

s: Untrue. But that is a very good point about the size difference. If Jens does a huge tape version of this one it will be doubly ironic.
j: Wait, what is Lookbook? Who is this young man, and when can we form our own boyband?
a: The OED says "1. The apparition of a living person; a double, a wraith."
And thank you. It was lovely juice, and is responsible for my current nonscurvy-riddled health.
c: ah ah ah ah a
m: Thank you. They are mostly based on a book in my grandparent's house entitled BIRDS IN PICTURES!

Alix said...
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joey said...

you can only have through invitation

you have to be very very cool.


Sam said...

Well, now I have two Internet sites from which I am unfairly excluded.

This is number one:

markl said...


A lot of my childhood was spent looking at books like that. I had a really exciting old mammal encyclopedia with black and white pictures, and the encyclopedias of the dog, cat, horse, and bird. Basically I was/am a nerd.

Also, I like your twin.

Sam said...

Yeah, he seems like a solid dude.