This is for the March issue of Hey, Man. It's based loosely on Japanese handscrolls portraying Hyakki Yakō, or the Parade of 100 Demons (I'm trusting Wikipedia for this one).  In addition to playing around with  traditional yokai, like the umbrella with the single eye and the Craig Thompson-referencing kappa at lower left, I threw in a bunch of my own weird pop culture demons to make it my own.  Bonus if you can correctly identify the two vinyl albums from their simplified coverart (hint: they're both contemporary metal).

This has been a year of records for me: Biggest drawing, toughest drawing, and now, most fun drawing.   It's offered here in two flavors of massive, desktop-sized monstrosity.  The first has a white background and the second has a brown background.


Ezra Butt said...

I think the chunky rice Kappa is my favorite.

sophie said...

The colors in this are so rich and calming... it makes this one of my favorite pieces you have ever done.