Coming Attractions

I'm printing a very small run of my dream comic Garden Spectre; this is the cover, which I finished inking today.  Further updates as the copies become available for purchase.  For now, you can read the entire story here.


Avi said...


Since returning to Albuquerque, I've been helping my dad with yard-work: digging up weeds, grass, roots.

Your comic evokes all that sun and sweat and dirt, and the internal narrative that gradually replaces reality.

The ending strikes me as almost-frustratingly ambiguous (who is the second boy, anyway?), yet the skill with which you pace the story, and render it, manages to satisfy me despite the sparsity of (textual) detail.

I'm allured by the cyclical element. And clue as to your intentions?


Sam said...

Hi Avi,
Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad that Garden Spectre was evocative for you. I don't know that I want to talk too explicitly about my intentions with the comic, but I will say that the second boy is the one glimpsed in the reflection on the window.

Cecilia said...

This is a beautiful panel, Sam! :O