Garden Spectre Print Editions!

I'm selling an extremely limited print run of my dream comic Garden Spectre.

"But Sam," you sputter, "I can read the whole thing for free online! Why cling to the dilapidated homestead of this outdated ink-on-paper publishing model when the future lies in the infinite rolling pastures of the Internet? Hitch that Conestoga wagon to the pixeloxen and go west, young man!"

"My dear reader," I chuckle knowingly, "The print version is 

Still not convinced?  Here are the vital statistics: The books are printed on luxurious 110-pound Cougar Natural paper from extremely hi-resolution scans, reproduced at exactly the size they were drawn, and hand-bound in a pamphlet stitch.  Each sheet of paper has been individually creased and folded to ensure that the book lies flat, and the edges have been exactingly trimmed to be flush.  And yes, the covers are actually printed on gleaming, expensive gold paper.  I've spent weeks on this sucker, and I'm very proud of the high production value.

Please note: Printed at the same size it was drawn. Very spiffy.
But more than that: this book was meant to be read on paper. The pacing works better on paper.  The drawings look better on paper.  And you'll have a rare, precious artifact all to yourself, long after you've finished reading it.

All my copies are sold. But they're still at Powell's and at other comic book stores around the city of Portland.


DashiellR said...

I just bought one of these, but can I have an illustration of the Williamsburg Savings Bank tower instead of my apartment since you already did one of that, and it's boring?

Sam said...

I just drew you a guy with a flaming sword but i'll do the damn bank tower fine

Alix said...

I'm going to pick one up at Powell's tomorrow!