David Kanaga Scores Haunter

My friend David Kanaga made this amazing score of the first scene in my adventure comic Haunter which allows you to read the whole comic using iTunes. It is ingenious stuff.

Here's how to watch/listen: 
1. Download the album here
2. In iTunes, set the little album artwork pane in the lower left corner from "Selected Item" to "Now Playing" by clicking on it once.
3. Now play the album, and the entire comic will play for you as a beautiful scored slideshow. You can click the pane to make it bigger.

Previously, I drew a series called 16 Drawings in 17 Minutes to accompany David's album Amor Fati, which you should also check out; pretty much everything he does is pay-what-you-want so get on it, internet cheapskates!

Watch out also for the swiftly-becoming-a-huge-deal PS3 game DYAD (David designed an astounding music system for the game, and composed everything himself–dude is truly a champ).

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