◊  I was in Portland tabling at the Stumptown Comics Fest with the amazing Sera Stanton (pictured). It was fun.
◊  Then I was in Toronto tabling at TCAF with the amazing Yumi Sakugawa. Here is a picture from the Fantagraphics blog of Robin McConnell punching me. It was fun.
◊ I will be in Vancouver B.C. tabling at VanCAF tomorrow and this weekend. The amazing Ezra Butt and I are way back in the corner at table B3. Come say hi, it will be fun!
◊ Yesterday Buzzfeed listed two of my comics in this list of cool webcomics. Thanks Buzzfeed!
◊ There was a nice piece about me this morning on The Beat. Thanks The Beat!
◊ I think I'm gonna stop drawing Eighth Grade. It's been a good run but I'm ready to attach myself to a better long-term project. Sorry to the folks asking for updates!
◊ And in a few weeks I willl be in Chicago tabling at CAKE and debuting a new short story with Sonatina Comics.
◊ Okay, that's it, sorry for all that. Don't unfollow me guys, I promise only comics and drawings from here on out


dweeb said...

Good snapshot and enjoy!

Sorry to hear about the end of Eighth Grade but look forward to what your creativity and energies accomplish next.

ami said...

oh baaaaallllsss eighth grade is my favorite

caset said...

Yeah I'm bummed about eighth grade. But that only means you're going to be coming out with something even better... can't wait to see it!